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What a Weird Tech Gadget: 13 Strangely Amazing Technologies How I Met Your Motherboard

5. Waterproof Notepad Everyone else understands the most effective ideas arrive in the shower. However, the minute you quit, the brilliant thoughts you'd about a brand new peculiar tech gadget which will alter the globe have been gone. Well, there's really a bit of technician to aid you with that. Aquanotes notebooks have forty sheets of waterproof paper and also develop with a exceptional pen with an eraser. The notepad sticks into the wall with all the help of bean cups and also the pages can easily be removed and recycled. The waterproof notepad is also fantastic to take to swimming pools, beaches, and also water parks so that you may keep your thoughts collectively, make notes, or what not without worrying about water ruining every own day. 6. Warmed Knife There isn't anything more dreadful than ruining fresh a warm muffin with cool, peanut butter. While humankind still hasn't made a knife which can toast the bread since you are cutting it, then you still can find the very best thing relating to this tech gadget that is bizarre. The THAT! Serrated butter-knife is warmed through aluminum heating transfer which works by using your body heat to melt the butter perfectly. It has a marginally little border, it really is Kid Safe and you can throw it from the counter tops. Butter is also definately not the thing it can spread, it can handle peanut almond, and another range of nut butter, Nutella, cream cheese, jam and jellies, and even curry butter. 7. Swiss-Tech Utili-Key If you're a supporter of multi-tools but do not want to take your 60-function pocket knife anyplace, then that gadget is for you. This swiss military knife like gadget is just one among the smallest and lightest multi-tools you will ever utilize. The Utili-Key is not much bigger than a real key and irrespective of its own look and dimensions, it has a number of roles. The key has a flat screwdriver, a Phillips screwdriver, a micro-sized screwdriver, and a knife straight blade knife, a serrated blade knife, and a bottle opener. Like some other