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What Are Good Paying Jobs That Dont Require College Degrees?

If you have a college degree, the profession of plumber may interest you. As a plumbing contractor is responsible for handling any jobs or work that involves water, gas drain pipes in addition to plumbing installations in both commercial and residential properties. The functioning of a plumbing system is vital to every building. It allows plumbers to come up with new ways of earning more. As a plumber, you can earn more money with a strong internet presence, building knowledge, providing specialized services and networking.

Be aware that not all people can be elevated to the highest levels. The path to success will begin with an apprenticeship once you've earned your high school diploma or GED. You can find a suitable apprenticeship program that can provide you with the technical education and training on the job that you require. Once you complete your apprenticeship course, the next step involves receiving your master plumber's permit that allows you to become a licensed journeyman. There is no need to be watched by a plumber when handling plumbing projects. You might need to pay extra fees or take an examination in order to get the contractor's license. It is contingent on your state of residence.

Landscape Contractor

Landscape contractors do not need a degree. The career field can be added to your choices of good paying positions that don't require a college degree. Keep your eyes on the distinction between being an architect of the landscape and being a landscaper contractor.

In order to become a landscape architect, you will need an education. The work of a landscape architect involves planning and designing designs. You can choose to be an landscape contractor, which doesn't require a degree. Your job will involve building projects which have been planned. Landscape contractors are accountable for a variety of landscape projects like planting trees, setting up hardscapes, as well as many more.