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What Should Comprehensive Car Insurance Cover? Auto Insurance

The comprehensive insurance plan will protect this as well, by giving you a new set of tries, or the repair of other glass in your vehicle. What should I do if I'm in need of a tow?

One thing that is not covered under comprehensive insurance is towing. Even if an event occurred such as a tree falling on the car and crashed into the windshield, the comprehensive coverage doesn't cover towing. Towing is usually offered in the form of an added benefit under roadside assistance or for towing. This is because technically speaking towing isn't repairs to your home however it is a method of transport and thus will not be covered under comprehensive or collision.

Wear and tear from normal wear

In terms of the things that are not covered, an expression referred to as standard wear and tear is rarely covered by comprehensive insurance policies. This is because insurance exists to cover you in the scenario of the unforeseeable. In the normal course of driving your car it's commonplace to require new brake parts. The majority of repairs that aren't caused by accidents aren't included in your comprehensive coverage as long as they're directly caused by an accident or other event covered under your policy. In other words, if are driving down the highway on a scorching summer day and your vehicle's cooling system stops functioning causing your vehicle to overheat it is likely not covered. Why? The regular maintenance of your car is your responsibility and is considered to be a fundamental part of owning and operating the vehicle.

What do you think of my trailer?

Comprehensive insurance typically pertains for a particular driver who is covered by the policy or in the car that covers the policy. Although a mixed bag, it generally applies to the vehicle that the policy was designed for, and does not cover any additional equipment you may be hauling. There is a need for insurance policies or a comprehensive package for your trailer, or any other equipment you may be carrying. The good news is that most companies provide huge savings on bundle policies. Additionally, prices for pull-alongs and trailers are usually lower.